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Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, the Eagles, and some of the other Rock n Roll Bands of our time can continue ti tour and rock out and/or pass it on to others to follow in their footsteps  it will never die.

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I like those and ACDC

I tried to make a list on a story of my own, but it was too long.<br />
<br />
There are a lot of excellent older bands still touring and recording, but don't forget the new ones:<br />
<br />
Muse<br />
Modest Mouse<br />
Rage Against the Machine<br />
Blue October<br />
Mars Volta<br />
Death Cab for Cutie<br />
The Roots<br />
Flobots<br />
The White Stripes<br />
Tool<br />
John Mayer<br />
OutKast<br />
Queens of the Stone Age<br />
etc, etc, etc....<br />
<br />
all these are bands that started in this decade or last and are still active and really kick ***, the 00's have been an awesome decade for music...far better than the 80's and even the 90's, in my opinion. Plus it is still the most popular genre, and as a part of the new, young, underground, local rock scene, I can tell you that the genre will be secure in its dominance for sometime.

I love me some ACDC and Nickelback

Credence Clearwater <br />
AC/DC<br />
Angel's<br />
Jimmy Barns<br />

You are making me feel old, TRW... They still haven't been around as long as the Stones, Kiss and Led Zepplin! lol

HBY, the Crowes are 19 years old this year... I should know. :)

And there are some new bands that can rock out too, FG! The Killers. The Black Crowes. Daughtry. To name a few...

AC/DC<br />
Bob Seger<br />
Steve Miller<br />
Def Leppard<br />
Uncle Oz<br />

There are so many I didn't mention. All y'all are great too. Keep them coming.

right on

Big Bruce fan here ........ oh and the stones :O)

Lynnard Skynnard....