A Chase...

In my eyes, romance is a pursuit.

It is the act of the pursuit. It is something that is only engaged in for a short time and that there is a beginning and an end. It cannot continue forever, there simply isn't time. 

I think of it as a recreational toy. You play with it at certain times, but then put it away when you need to do other things.

I am currently in the 'other things' period of my life. There are many other things I need to be doing right now rather than wasting my time playing with a toy.

I do however recognise that I should make time for play, and that in doing so I may make the time that I spend doing 'other things' more bearable, but alas every moment I spend thinking about making time to play, I instead decide that actually, that would not be a productive use of my time. Time in which I could be using to do 'other things'.

Romance is the attempt at the pursuit of happiness. But how do we know, for I at least do not, that happiness can truly be achieved once the pursuit is over?

I have played the game, I have chased the opponent in the past, and I thought, at the time, that I had reached the end of the pursuit, that I had finished the game. Maybe I didn't, but maybe I did. Either way, all I can tell you is that happiness, as we currently define it, does not seem to exist. And if it does exist, in the way that we define it, I surely didn't find it at the end of the chase.

But what incentive do I have? Why should I waste my time finding out what lurks in the dark recesses of the unknown?

Why should I spend so long chasing after a dream only to be scorned by what I already know to be the truth?

Maybe that is it. Maybe my one of my questions answers the debate.

"Why should I waste my time finding out what lurks in the dark recesses of the unknown?"

I know what happens at the end of the chase, but how do I know if the other person already know this too?

Maybe I've been picking the wrong people. Maybe I need to choose the person who already knows that the future can never be a Rose coloured, Daffodil scented haze of loveliness. Someone who has already seen what the world really has to offer.

Maybe that person is the person that every person is looking for.

But what if that person doesn't exist?

Subjugate Subjugate
22-25, M
Apr 20, 2010