Rude Comments

This guy i have been dating now for 7 months has had CP (Cerebral Palsy) since birth... he is stuck in a wheelchair. Doesn't bother me one bit, at times i forget he even has CP. I treat him like everyother person i would see.

A little bit ago, i stayed over at a friends house and we were talkin till 4am about our bfs. The things we hate, things we miss, things we love, things we want... jus everything. Well she was also texting her bf in the meantime.

He made a comment about my bf to her... said he would "push his crippled *** down a ****** hill" also said that our relationship "can't even be considered a relationship since its long distance"

ok, now i have been freinds with this dude since 6th grade but makin comments like that... ***** please. I went off at him sooooo bad, cursing him out left and right. He's the type of guy who thinks he knows everything and even if he is wrong he still tries to convince ppl he is right. "Conceited ***** *** *****" would be the name i have given him... ya i may sound childish, but it gets my damn point across...

the day after we all went to my friends pool to swim since it was drastically hot out.. well as i was about to leave, had my shoes on bag, purse, keys everything with me, i started walkin towards the steps down the deck. Well i saw that my friends bf, the one im ticked off at was next to the pool also gettin ready to leave. He had dry clothes on, his wallet, cell phone, shoes, everything on as well...

Without him even noticing, i shoved his *** in the pool and jus kept on walkin, didn't even look back. Ruined his cellphone, everything. I didn't give a ****. Yea i can be a ***** if u get on my wrong side but as the sayin goes... "If revenge is sweet and payback is a *****, I'll be the sweetest ***** you'll ever meet"

Havent talked to him since. No one goes around talkin **** about my bf.

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3 Responses Jul 10, 2007

hi good for u i would have paid to watch u push his *** in the pool.yourb/f is lucky to have a g/f like u

Lovely, great story and perfect action. His comeuppance he'll remember for a long time.

WooHoo! Hell yeah! Exactly what I woulda done to that tick. ;)