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I think people who use the word "suck" derisively are rude.  When did this nasty little snippet of street slang slither out of the gutter and into the Queen's English?

ElLagarto ElLagarto
56-60, M
5 Responses Jul 26, 2007

Slam. Out the door he goes. Rabazibby. Almost as if it never even happened. Existing only in your memory. Sliding into the gleam of a transcendent dream.

LOL!! the taste slapped out of my mouth!! that sounds painful and grotesque! But my favorite joke of yours remains....rabazibby.

I do indeed remember euphOria! Welcome to the new you - Violation. It's funny, I'm so radical in some ways, in others I'm very traditional. The language that is acceptable on TV today - that kids mimic - is beyond belief. When I was a kid (here goes!) if you had tried that stuff out in the presence of adults you would have had the taste slapped out of your mouth!

BTW, do you remember euph0ria? thats me, I deleted my account and made a new one :)

I agree with you completely! Its okay to hear once in a while, but when young children, under the age of 10 start using it, thats when you get a little concerned.