Hottest Wife On Ep!

I was in Afghanistan in 2009. Contrary to popular belief we are not allowed to drink or have any form of *********** while in country. Try doing that for a year! I stumbled onto this site by chance. I googled something about hotwives and EP was the only site that made it passed the filter. I joined the site and saw all these awesome people here talking about everything I enjoyed. I remember seeing two woman on the site that were everything a guy like me wanted in his own girl. (MSBETH) GD I love that little country girl. The second was RYDER! (My personal favorite!) I remember seeing that fuzzy outline of a hot blonde. I clicked on the photo link and got the dreaded message "only friends can view Ryder's albumn" Damn that sucked. I logged on and found out that I was now friends with Ryder! (Of course I had a different screen name then. From that point on I can not tell you how many times that I she sucked my ****, jerked me off or gave that ***** up! (Figuratively speaking of course!) It goes without saying but Mrs. Ryder is a very hot woman! Only thing better would be experiencing her for real! Thank you for all you do and thank you for letting us see it! You were my pin up girl in 2009-2010! What a lucky bastard you are!
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41-45, M
2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Very cool you got some enjoyment out there... Happy you made it home safe x

Thanks and nice pics hot stuff

Thanks so much! We never thought we'd get such great feedback when we joined this site and I have to say, we both have loved the response - especially reading this!