There is just something about the way human voices can blend together so perfectly...as though that was what we were made to do. It is heavenly, or as close as I can get my brain to grasp. The human voice is amazing with its capabilities, especially in music. Franz Biebl's Ave Maria is heart-breakingly beautiful. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if people who loved singing so much they could cry just sang beautiful piece after beautiful piece (without any ill effects to their voices, of course). What would it be like to be surrounded by such beautiful sound, such intrinsic music?

It is so unbearably sweet.
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Churches of Christ have no instruments in worship. Each year Creekwood Church of Christ, in my city, hosts a Songfest around Thanksgiving. Several churches around the area participate by sending various song leaders. The effect of 400 voices singing hymns acapella is an experience like no other I've had. The vibe lifts me off the ground. It is overwhelming in Spirit. Thank you for posting this.