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I'm NOT being disrespectful, and believe in god, go ahead, there's nothing wrong with believing in a god. But the god we all have heard of, and some of us believe, was made up. It was made up thousands of years ago, all of the sotries, everything. It was made up by people to basically explain how everything was created, and to explain the strange feeling of a presence. Science is the story of life, and therefor, there is no "nature of god" since he don't exist. Science does defeat the idea of a god, I believe there is a power, something that is a god-like structure, like the so-called Unified Field which is a field of consciousness, a field of energy in whch connects everything in the universe together as a whole. This is more of the idea of god, it's not a being, but a consciousness, energy waves, field. There being a "living" god doesn't add up in terms of fact, truth and science. You hear about these scientists that believe in god, well, that's their opinion, but they are missing the point. Point being, if there's anything, it can be explained through quantum physics and mechanics, not through some silly, mythical, magical way. Lecture me all you want about god almighty, but think about how science is discovery, fact and truth, the story of all existence, think about the Unified Field, and how that is what I call, the ultimate power.  Believe in anything you eant to, it's your choice, i'm not trying to change your point of view, I'm just putting the truth foward to people. Really, science and and machines can defeat god's nature, because there's no such thing. I am an atheist, but with a an intelligent, scientific mind, like other atheists. The universe is truly the best thing, do you really want to ruin it's beauty by saying it was created by a god? I know you talk about "intelligent design" but think about how nature could be powered by energy, consciousness. thanks for reading.  
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It says on the page that you are 13-15 yrs old, I think it is great that you are thinking about such deep and profound issues. :) I have studied this alot and to me what it boils down to is what is truth and where do we get truth from. Science itself started by Christians who expected to find order and laws in place because they believed in a Divine Creator. When the people on earth said the world was flat, the bible said it was a sphere, there are prophecies recorded hundreds of years before they would take place and they happened just as predicted. Alot of those would be about the birth of Jesus but they were not the only ones that came true, there are many others. If a person will examine the evidence without preconcieved notions then I believe that they will come to same conclusion that I have. "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth". The more scientists discover about our world the more they discover that there is specific design in it. Even the most simple organisms are complex factories that we as humans have not even begun to touch as far as technonolgy goes. If you are interested I can give you some specific places and research. What you believe about beginnings is very important to how you will live out every other area of your life. Have a GREAT day!!!!! :))))

I like your story. I do believe in God though, But i also believe in science. Yeah the world began might have been created through the big bang but What caused the big bang? Or how did that material get there in the first place? There is nothing avaliable to science to solve that yet. This is where a higher power could come in. Steven Hawking (I think) said once, "the only thing I can imagine before the big bang is God."<br />
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That sounds sooo smart. Im proud of myself. lol Although I'm everything but smart, Im just a dumb blonde really. lol :))))