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Science is a joke. And to make it a required subject in H.S. and college is crop of crap. Teaching the same crap they tried to teach me. The same lies they taught my dad and his dad. And anyone that believes that moon landing crap is a idiot. And that Mars buggy camera is another lie. For something that is suppose to be on Mars. It sure looks like the red clay you find in the whole damn state of Georgia. I bet if you go to that Armybase in Georgia where Urban training is done you probably find that damn thing. It will be running around the other one stuck in the red mud. And the moon landing! What a crop of crap that is. It takes almost 12 hours to fly from NYC to Paris. And you expect me to believe we can fly to the moon in 3 days. A distance of 238000+ miles. Yeah right. And what about the rest of the Bullshit. Mars had no air or water. Jupiter is freezing cold and all the other planets facts we have. Gathered by men sitting on their ***
Behind a telescope. Yeah Right. Show and prove that the writers of these fiction science books that actually stepped foot on the planets the call themselves experts on. BULLSHIT! .

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They put reflectors on the moon, you can fire a laser from Earth, hit them and record the reflection. Or would that be too "scientific" for your liking?

I honestly don't understand what that's supposed to say. What is it about the planets that you don't believe?

And yet you also don't believe the people who claim to have been to the moon, the only extraterrestrial body we HAVE been to. Seems there's no pleasing you.

They were using a rocket. Rockets go a lot faster than passenger jets. You need to go 24,000 mph just to get out of orbit.

(which, incidentally, is also how they put satellites in orbit. I assume you believe in those.)

That's just it. The whole point of science is rejecting "believe whatever you like" in favour of verifying differing theories by observation and experiment. That's what you're arguing against when you claim "science is bullshit".

Science IS proof. Every scientific text ever written has meticulously shown its working, or cited previous research it's based on, SPECIFICALLY so that it can be picked apart and challenged by critics, and so that any claim that isn't backed up by satisfactory proof can be corrected or rejected. If you genuinely cared to examine any specific theory on it's own merits, you're entirely free to do so and tear it to pieces, but rubbishing the entire notion of rationalism is another matter entirely.

Charming. I don't get where you get this idea that you can't tell anything about a planet unless you've set foot on it (it's like saying you can't tell what something's made of by looking at it, you have to touch it), or where you get the idea that scientists will swear blind to knowing everything there is to know about the planets. They have observations, and they have theories to explain those observations. Some of these theories they're more sure about than others. High schools tend to teach whatever the general academic consensus is at the time the curriculum is drawn up as if it's certain fact, which I agree is misleading, but that's a mistake of the education sector, and it shouldn't be mistaken for the way actual academia works.

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Well, you've got brains to burn.

...what "telescope theory"?

There's just to arguing with idiocy...

You talk like a pirate. It really is so funny... Yarr!

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Hey you deleted my comment. How pathetic.

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I find this odd. I am consistently deleted. Why is that, Snowlover1313? Is it because I actually consider the text of your ACTUAL post and attempt to speak to it, rather than whatever drama you hope to achieve? The odds of this post remaining are one in three, scientifically proven.

Wow... Just wow. A non-stop flight from New York to Paris, in an aircraft that is not a rocket, takes less than 9 hours chumpy... actually closer to 8 airtime. The Concorde was able to do it it less than 4... and it still wasn't a rocket.

So, the cornerstone to your argument just crumbled.

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