Both Of Us Are Scorpio's

My husband and I are both Scorpio's. We are both in tune to each others feelings.The great strength of the Scorpio-born is in their determination, passion and motivation is why we are a good team together. The worse part is we both have bad tempers. When we first got married this was a problem for us and it took a few years to stop hurting each other with harsh words. Being that we are both strong willed we had to learn how to compromise. It's really like any marriage if you love that person you will make certain changes in order for the marriage to work and we both have done that over the years. Being married to a Scorpio is Awesome.

Lizzy2046 Lizzy2046
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21 Responses Apr 27, 2011

Hopefully you will find another scorpio man.As you know they make a great partner. :)

I am a scorpio and my most fulfilling relationship was with a scorpio man. I really hope to meet another scorpio male. In my past relationship, we related to each other on almost everything. Like me, they are intense, sexy, and protective - among other traits. Good luck to me!

Having the same birth dates seems cool luwybum. My hubby is seven years older than I. We have and had our moments in the 27 years we have been together.

I have heard that cancer and scorpio make a great team together. We all do have our share of thunderstorms.

You're right, I agree :)

It is completely strange all the same that Julie is also a scorpio (16nov!).<br />
My wife is cancer and the agreement is good, of course with the inevitable thunderstorms which everybody knows.<br />
It is rather wonderful that a couple is in good agreement in a time or everything seems to leave for decay !<br />

All I will say is it's never dull or boring in the bedroom, You know what I mean since you dated a couple of them yourself. Thank you.

Cute leave it to you to say something like that my friend

How sweet it is to be loved by you I just had to say it

Yes we are

We are in tune with each other as well don't you think?

It sure is.

It's better to stay in tune with each other than being out in left field don't you think?

We do have alot in common and that keeps us close to each other.

Peas grow inside pea pods They are the same colour, size and taste and are close together....:)

Cute yes I know Thanks

Two peas in a pod if you know what I mean

It is and thank you.

Sounds so romantic best wishes to you both.

I deeply appreciate your warm thoughts..Thank you my BFF Liz........:)

Thats nice to know gr8jesus and thank you many blessings to you my bff.

I love scorpios persona.Many Blessings forever my BFF......:)