There Is That

Not being timid, I can say that anyone who knows me is in for a real friend and a fun time on a daily basis.

Add in that I am a Scorpio and what can be any better?

no really I am humbled by the human spirit on a daily basis as I head out every day and get surprised at every turn. To expose myself as I have done the past 5 months to the worst possible of situations, and to get in return love kindness tenderness compassion and renewed trust. A most amazing experience.

I went into a show store wearing my usual 16 skinny jeans, a non descript polo shirt, and tennis shoes. I was looking for 2 things, a store that has a good sampling of size 12W women's shoes (scored) and sale-staff that give you honor and dignity when shopping. 

I sat down after making 3 choices of some sandals, right amidst 3 other women buying shoes as well. The nice female sales clerc walked up and asked me if I needed help, I handed her the samples and said in a nice female approximated voice "These in size 12w please" She said certainly and headed to the stock room. The other women are glancing my way at this point, I smile back and say what a good store this seems to be. She returns, and has those small sockies they have when you try on shoes. I untie my shoes (the women are watching me at this point) I slip off my socks exposing my wonderful french painted toes and hairless legs. I wiggle my toes saying how crampt they have been and slip on the first pair, stand and walk a bit. I look over and ask "What do you think? to the other women who stumble and say they look look nice sandals. I sit back down, slip them off and then try the 2nd pair out. 

In the end I choose the first pair and place them in the box, slip back into my tennis shoes stand and go over to pay for them. Looking back and smiling at the women who are smiling back at this point. I say to the sale woman I like this store and will be back in soon, pay for my shoes and head back to work.

I get outside, sit in the car and tremble with the excitement and thrill of having accomplished this in broad daylight. And I have a great pair of new sandals too.

Alasandra Alasandra
51-55, F
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Great story.