I'm Not A Scorpio But

My longest and most mutually fulfilling friendships and former relationship is with a scorpio. I'm not too sure about astrology and all but maybe there's something to it. They are quite admirable people. There's something about men that I know are scorpios that mystify and captivate me. I can't exactly put my finger on it and I really don't want to.

I know not all people with the same sign are the same.

They're wickedly smart though yes some can be an a$$holes sometimes but I think a man who sticks up for himself isn't that bad.

There's just something about a scorpio male (at least at first..). most of the male scorpios I meet "hate" pisces and get turned off immediately when I mention my sign, I've learned to keep mum about it. The down side is they end up figuring out my sign within 10 minutes anyway.

I'm the reason my Johnny-Bravo-wanna-be ex is staying away from other pisces (in a romantic sense at least) yet he thinks I'm perfect for a scorpio. < -- perfect example.. o.O
they make your head spin and they do it on purpose. it's ok..

I must have done a number on him but I'm not exactly sure what I did. meh.. the decision to be just friends was mutual.

either way they do make the truest friends.
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pisces are pretty cool too. your too sweet

go fish..
you spelled it "too" not "to"? :O I'm rubbing off on you..
I'm not sweet I'm spicy.. you are what you eat.

why not post my social security number next?

oh I know that one it's got to be ***-**-****
same as mine oddly enough. seriously it doesn't matter what numbers I enter it comes up as an asterisk. :P