Governor Of Wisconsin Who Is Screwing More People Than The Neighborhood *****

 The current Governor of Wisconsin
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Governor of Wisconsin who is screwing more people than the neighborhood ***** by silencing the voices of tens of thousands of Wisconsin Union workers. He is not even qualified to sub in my classroom but is running the state.

Elected Governor of Wisconsin in 2010 as part of the Corporate Jihad. In early 2011, he showed the world that he and the Tea Party are very anti-union and are out to destroy unions and all they have achieved. The money grubbing scum obviously holds power over Scott Walker. He claims to be trying to balance the state budget (after his pro-rich/pro-business tax cuts) by cutting state labor costs. The unions and their supporters filled the capitol with demonstrators, which the heartless bastard ignored.

. Noun: Governer of Wisconsin. Notorious for his anti-union, anti-planned parenthood, anti-education Budget Repair Bill, he is the epitome of douch-ness. He doesn't even have a college degree, as he was asked to leave Marquette for cheating (with a 2.3 GPA, mind you), yet he is a freaking governor.

2. Verb: To "Scott Walker" something, or screw it over, as in how Walker plans to screw public unions; or

to be "Scott Walker-ed", which is to get punk'd by a journalist pretending to be one of your tea-partier friends that supports big, unregulated business and funneled thousands of dollars into your campaign, when actually the journalist exposes you for the dirt bag sleezeball you are.

1. God, I HATE Scott Walker. He's setting us 50 years back in history as he's trying to destroy public unions!

2. Dude, I totally Scott Walker-ed you in COD last night!

Scott Walker is an evil union-busting bastard like Adolf Hitler and Ronald Reagan.


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Hooww! Not the same person with a name so close to someone I admire on this Documentary Show Series "AMERICAN UNEARTHED" Hosted by: Scott Walter. He is kind of an Archeologist Forensic Explorer and is Documenting his Searching of things not well understood by some ancient undiscovered mysteries in America. Very Interesting show I'm watching. Yet for this Political Figure here? I'm sure this Scott Walker is Evil. Running into similar Names gets confusing at first.

Well, here in Florida as you know we have a very similar creep named Rick Scott, who actually looks like BatBoy from the old tabloids... he flipped off federal money for high-speed rail and is fighting healthcare reform in court. Also cut off all state money for conservation. But thank goodness he is up for reelection in just 1 year and this time the sane people better finally WAKE UP AND VOTE, because he needs to go immediately if not sooner! Incidentally he happens to be a crook who made millions off Medicare fraud, and he belongs in jail, not the governor's mansion!

Yes, we have one of those here in Arizona too...Gov Jan Brewer!

Oh yeah speaking of her, Scott actually once said that he admired her nasty immigration profiling law, and wants to emulate it in Florida!