Just Imagining.....

Anyone read Diana Gabaldon's series called "Outlander" ????  I can just imagine the SEXIEST movies ever made if the were made as movies....LOTS of scotts, LOTS of hot sex, and an amazing story!  You can't go wrong with that!!
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OMG! I'm completely in love with Jamie... I have read them all even Echo in the Bone. I like when I read a few hours before bed and then dream about the book. It's like I really get to have Jamie for just a little bit. Drooling...

Ack, nay lass the Scottish accent just doesnay do it fer me!

Jamie Fraser is probably the hottest romance novel character I can think of, although I really don't read romance novels much.

I completly understand.....I need to re-read them myself...but my father has borrowed them....

I love her books. Can't get enough of them. I get to the point where I have to go back and re-read them just to reminisce.

Oh, aye!