There As Bad As Preachers

the title says it all really. I mean, i dont really know what kind of "faith" i have, i've moved from being a christian, Atheists/Satanist (note: not saying atheists are satanists, just that i was a levyan satanist that didn't believe in any God) to now i guess you could say i'm into sprituality. but anyway yeah, these kind of people annoy me, they are so sure that no "higher being" exists, well the ones i have met and they think this is a show of intelligence, that by saying "oh i'm an atheist" your IQ will suddenly go up lol. it wont and its not, how can anyone know for sure? its stupid and arrogant but its there choice, i really dont care lol
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my bestfriend is exactly like this wonderful person but an all knowing ******* when it comes down to certain subjects especially ones involving religion

What also annoys me is how they say that they are for people to think for themselves but can't stand it if you want to believe in a relgion, the worst ones are arrogant, judgemental to those who hold a relgious beliefs and think themselves supperior just because they happen to buy a book with their "Gods" name on it, Richard Dawkins or that they hold a view point where there is no one in the sky or anywhere else that created them. NOt all of them are like that, the same as not all other relgious people are narrow minded and judgemental, just that there is a good percent on both sides.

Yah, they can be pretty annoying, and I think a lot of them just like ******* people off and being obnoxious. I also hate their persecution complex, as I do persecution complexes in general. "Oh I'm so oppressed for my beliefs. meee meee miiiiii." I don't really think convincing people to be atheist will make the world a better place. People just need to learn to respect each other for being human beings. You can be an atheist and still be a lot of other things, like a Eugenicist, or an existentialist, or a humanist or a nihilist, all very contradictory beliefs.

you'll find ignorance anywhere lol, in atheists and any orgainsed relgion.<br />
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i dont mind atheists if they at least know about the diffrent relgions that they oppose, like how many atheists know the diffrent types of Christians that are out there? then again, how mnay ppl actually believe in what there relgion teaches lol not many.

I just don't know how they can be so sure, to me that is like saying the world will end at 2019 or fortune teller knows winning lottery numbers. Its their belief and I'm not going to convince them otherwise--not my job--but as the old saying goes, only things certain, Death and Taxes (and we could lower taxes).