No Strings Attached?

For a long time, I have had this debate with my friend. He thinks that there is no distinction between having sex with someone, and making love to someone. We have argued this back and forth but neither of us will change opinion. In his eyes, sex is sex...and that is all there is to it.

I have to say that I disagree with him. You can have sex with anyone, and people do...whether they have known them a month, a week, a day, or an hour....some people use sex as recreation....a way to connect to people. This kind of sex seems pretty emotionless to me, used to fill a void but totally devoid of sentiment or real emotion. I think people like to think of sex as something they can just do with no repercussions, but this sometimes can cause bad feeling, hurt and negativity when the no strings attached rule starts to become blurred on one side...into the arena of making love.

I've had great sex, amazing that leaves you breathless and totally wanting to go again at the same time. Experiences that you remember for all the right reasons. And this is great as long as nobody is getting hurt. However, there is something about making love that is more meaningful to me. When you have that real connection with a person and you know them mentally, spiritually...however you want to say it....I think sex then becomes much more than just a physical act.

Making love happens between people who really know each other, inside and out, and have a deeper emotional tie. I think that adding the emotional depth takes sex to a completely different level....mind blowing, sensual, there is no possible way you could be any closer to the other person if you tried. Like you can't get enough of them even though you are getting as much as is humanly possible. It is a real connection...and becomes a far more powerful experience. Making love can be so good that it should come with a warning label...highly addictive and difficult to give up. I love the connection with someone you have real genuine feeling for....especially that first time with them.......I get a craving for it an ache I can't get rid of. Once you have experienced it, I think you realise how much more special it is, and how much you can need it sometimes.

Sex is great.......making love is incredible........dammit that I don't have either right now....but I am definitely looking!
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4 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Very well written. I hope you find your true love soon. You deserve it.

GET married and stay married...then you will have the best of EVERYTHING.So find the right man who respect you not play you and dump you!

Interesting that a guy feels the way your friend does, and a woman feels the way you do. Usually it's just the opposite.

I have to agree with your first part. There is most definitely a difference between making love and sex....and I think you worded it perfectly. Sex is merely the physical act. You can have sex with anything or anyone. Making love is something different entirely....that emotional connection you share with someone coupled with the physical act.....that's a whole different ballgame. No matter how great sex can be, experiencing it with that someone special adds another dimension that cannot be matched. Or beaten :-)

Your's is worded wonderfully babe....don't change a thing :-)