Same And Different!

If you don't like certain terms, then don't read this story! The term?  Read on.

There's a difference in the emotions of sex depending on who my wife or I might be enjoying.  When we are enjoying each other alone, it definitely falls in the category of "making love"; we love each other and want every sexual experience to be the best it can be.  On those occasions when either of us is with someone else, it's just plain "*******"; not that we like that term, but it's more descriptive than "having sex". 

Now, when she or I are "*******" someone else, we do everything we can to help them have a great experience, but the overall feeling is different.  It's more of just the physical acts than the emotions.  If she's ******* another man, she prefers for me to be part of the fun so it feels more complete.  I feel the same way when I have an opportunity to **** another woman; if my wife is there with me, it just feels better.  One way I can describe it is that ******* another woman makes my **** feel great, but having my wife touching me and holding me while I **** another woman and *** gives me a great feeling all over!

To summarize:
Making love - physical, emotional, loving.
******* - purely physical.
SwGaMan SwGaMan
61-65, M
Dec 14, 2012