Of Course They Are!!

Though I have never had sex/made love before, this probably isn't completely valid...

By anyways, to be, making love is a passionate experience. It's when both partners love each other so much and want to take it to a different level then just kissing or making out. Making love takes time, for new passions to be stirred up, new flames to be lit. It's when something new is created, whether that's creating a child or a deeper level of understanding of one another.

Sex, on the other hand, is complicated. Because sex can either mean intercourse or gender. Therefore, I believe that sex is a complicated act. When I here sex, I automatically think hook up. Sex is quick, there is no passion or that want to connect. It's just when a man and a woman pleasure out of sexual attraction. Sex has no deep meaning, it just is.

So, sex=a quick act of attraction, making love=passionate loving that takes a relationship deeper.

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Feb 19, 2009