I Think I Agree

I admit, I love both.

Sex -and all that is connected to is- is divine.  It's  like fire.  It consumes and gives energy too.  The ecstasy of sex is fierce and hard to surpass.

Making love is another discipline altogether.  One doesn't burn to death or loose conscience.  Something in  the act of making love is conscious and the feelings are tender rather than violent. 

Even when all the features of passion are there, mostly they are there at the beginning of a love affair only.

Indeed sex and making love are not the same.

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It isn't necessarily love, I think...

Hmmm...<br />
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Now what do they call it when there's a mix of feelings and burning passion?<br />
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Whatever they call that..I want some ;)

thank you, sir!

Nicely stated and very true!

Nicely stated and very true!