When We Make Love! Number 2

For me sex is an act but making love is all about the romance. When I write post after post for him or I send him love emails or texts, or even when I send him youtube songs it is my way of "making love" to him. I consider the little call in the middle of the afternoon saying, "I miss you baby and I just wanted you to know that." is a huge part of "making love" for me. When his email pops into my inbox or a PM here, again it is a huge part of why I love him so much. Even when he gets angry when I stay up too l late I know it is part of his showing me he loves me, and all part of making love. Making love is a beautiful thing and the sex is just an expression of that love. MMMM

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Sex is a physical act and I can have (but won't) have sex without making love but a vital component of making love is the love part. it is the day to day "I love you" feelings. You have to work hard to make love. Having sex is easy but you have to put time in to be able to make love.

Thanks TOCC! Love is the important thread that keeps many of us searching in this lifetime. Don't you think?