The difference between having sex and making love is astounding. Making love is not always about two naked bodies in a bed. I was a child before. Naive in so many ways. Now I am finally a woman and I love being female! The compliment in my softness to my lover's masculinity. I love making this world a better place for him as he does the same for me always.

I have never been a flirt. Always kept something of my innermost self back. Relied on my strong work ethic to show my strength to others. What a relief that a man saw so much more in me! That I am finally embraced for my fragile heart and also my strength.

I love to feel my lovers desire pressed against my soft belly. The shivers and trembling that happens to me when he caresses my skin. When he grabs my head and presses me back into the bed consumed with wanting me. I want to be taken! I let my body go over into that place that elevates me to the fullest part of being female. I love getting yielding and wet for him! Crying out like some wild wanton creature. Falling over and over again into exctasy.

It takes a lot to win me like he has done. Others have tried and failed. I went through years of being celibate. Kept me for me alone. Now he reaps the rewards of those years and I am a tigress. Playful and a flirt with him alone.

Making love is not only the gratification of ****** with us. It is based on mutual trust and respect. He understands when my life is full of stress and that I have to deal with working things out in my life. When I need him as a friend. This makes me desire him more. Opens my body up to him. The only man who has never let me down. Who truly gets the woman that I am.

Now our lives are intertwined and we are family. I said in the past that I would never marry again! I became a disbeliever but he made me a believer. He asked me to marry him when we met and without any hesitation I said "Yes!". Yes! Yes! No doubts. Never say never my friends. Keep your hearts open. We are living proof that anything in life is possible. 

Someday you will see us here. Joined in our permanent lives and perhaps it will give you hope that anything is possible. You will see a blond woman with a huge smile joined with a handsome dark haired man and know that love is possible. That anyone can beat the odds in life. It takes a leap of faith. It takes belief on one's self. If it is possible for us, it is possible for all of us. Blessings, D.

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1 Response Feb 28, 2010

Wow! You are very blessed indeed. You have your challenges ahead of you, in order to make a life together....but I believe it will be very worth the while. The right one, the right one, makes all the pain, hardship, misery that you've had to endure all worth it. May you have every happiness that God intended in your life together.