One Sunny Afternoon.....

       I met a guy online & he's a smokejumper for now, but leads treks in the Nepal 8 months of the year. So we met in the Costco parking lot & chatted in my car for awhile. He is well spoken, is in INCREDIBLE physical shape, hazel eyes & brown hair. While I WAS listening to him, I intentionally put my hand on his thigh while he talked & after he paused, I moved closer to him & kissed him on the cheek. He paused only slightly before he kissed me back. From there it quickly moved into passionate kissing and gasping for breaths in-between. I took his hand and slowly moved it to my chest...from there he moved down my low-cut black dress until he could pinch my nipple. I moaned & then I applied the 'aggressive factor' he was looking for & things were getting hot when we decided to go to my place.
    He followed me to my house & once we were inside the door...I took the initiative & grabbed the front of his shirt & pulled him closer to me & began to passionately kiss him & unbutton his shirt. Once I had his shirt open, I kissed down his chest & gave a gently nibble on his nipple and licked his nipple until I heard him gasp a bit & then his hands touched my hair and held it back while I kissed his body. I grabbed his hand, turned & began to walk up the stairs. He followed closely & let his other hand caress my bare legs & short skirt. His hand casually moving between my legs as I walked. When he had reached my shaved *****, I felt his finger slide along my wet slit. We reached the top of the stairs & I was still holding his hand....leading him to the bedroom.

     When we arrived, I kissed him, removed his shirt & unbuttoned his pants & pulled them down to the floor. I pulled his **** out of his underwear & was PLEASANTLY surprised. He had a perfectly shaved **** & as I opened my mouth to take his head in, I got a sweet puddle of pre-*** waiting on his head. I took his **** deep into my mouth & laid him down on the bed and put my mouth on his balls: kissing & gently sucking & licking them. He moaned in pleasure. I could tell this was not something he had experienced, so I was even MORE turned-on ! Within a few minutes, his **** had fully swollen to a grand size & I was THRILLED to have a nice thick **** in my mouth. The more I leaned over, the more my breasts spilled out of my dress & pressed against his inner thigh & his balls. A deep breath just brought them to be pressed firmly against his manhood. He laid on the bed with his eyes closed & enjoyed the journey we were on.
     I relaxed & fully opened up my mouth & throat to take-in his rock-hard **** that had my mouth FULL & I stroked his **** in unison with my mouth bobbing up & down on his ****.While I felt his **** head touching the back of my throat, I went further down on him until I could feel his **** swelling in my throat. I held his **** there until I could hear him say, "OH, I am...." before I felt the HOT rush of *** shooting down my throat & filling my mouth. I swallowed & as he kept *******, I stroked him in rhythm with his ****** in progress. He moaned & kept saying "oh, Oh, Oh,YES !" I finished my 'creamy treat' & then went to lick-up all of his juices that had gotten away from me. I looked at him to see if he was happy.
     He's not bad looking at all, but for whatever reason, he's never *** from a blow-job.. ..WTH ?  He was so 'drained' he had to lay there awhile before he could could get up ! I asked if he was okay & he said that he was MORE than okay. "It was INCREDIBLE! YOU are incredible !" I grabbed a drink of water & then got him some. I laid next to him for a few minutes and touched his body softly all over. I ran my fingers over his chest, teased his nipples & began to kiss him again. Things heated-up quickly and my mouth went down on him again & took his **** into my mouth again. He was speechless, but did say "You really DO like to suck ****, don't you ?" I grinned at him and kept going until his **** was oozing pre-*** again. I licked it up like it was candy.
     I slowly crept up on his body kissing my way toward his mouth. When I was straddled across his body, I rubbed his hard **** against my soaking wet *****, stroking my swollen **** & asking him if he liked feeling how wet I was. He replied that he was VERY turned-on feeling my juices against his ****. I bent forward to kiss his mouth & neck then move to his ear lobe to give a bit of my tongue into his ear while I whispered naughty things in his ear. My warm breath against in his ear got him HOT. He pulled my dress down the rest of the way & grabbed my breasts and began sucking my nipples. I threw my head back & moaned in pleasure before I mumbled "YES !" With a little less than a shift of my hips, his **** entered my wet *****. I KNEW when I felt his big, hard **** inside of me, I would explode ! I jerked my body back & forth on him until I could feel myself releasing a wet burst of liquid from deep inside of me. It took me only a moment to put my hands on his chest & ride him intensely to my first ****** of the day.
      With my sexual satisfaction being INTENSE, I voiced my pleasure quite loudly. I knew it would turn him on to hear me moaning & expressing my extreme ******. His hands moved to my hips & when I felt like I couldn't even move he thrust me forward & backward on top of him until I exploded again ! I was trying to catch my breath as I felt myself reaching yet another peak. Our bodies were a great fit & he had made me come twice without my help. I clenched my hands on his chest as he pushed his **** deeper into me & with a slight arch of his back, he threw me into another mind-blowing rush of pleasure. I panted & moaned until the feeling began to lessen. I leaned down & told him I really wanted him to *** on my ****.
    I slid-off of him & cuddled-up next to him with my breasts lying on his torso. With his **** covered in my juices, he stroked his **** until he shot his load onto my ****, my face & his chest. I licked the *** off his chest seductively before relaxing with him on the bed. We chatted a few minutes & then we kissed before I got him a towel & he got into the shower. I watched him while he showered. His body is well toned & he has no body fat that is visible. I thought about how much fun we would have the next time we met !
    We kissed good-bye & he complimented me on my ability to keep-up a conversation. I blushed a bit, but knew EXACTLY what he meant ! There are so many people I chat with online or that write to me & cannot spell or talk intelligently. It's frustrating ! We had made a GREAT connection & I am glad to have a new FWB !
rosepetals11 rosepetals11
36-40, F
May 18, 2012