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I agree with the title of the story...I have never had sex with someone I love, but I know the sex I did have was utter crap. Now I am in love I do wonder how much better it will be...

Am I the only person here who finds that logo somewhat arousing? LOL

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You're not the only one. That logo fires me up, too.

Maybe we should start a group for all the arousing-without-being-smutty group pictures on EP...anyone with me?<br />
I can think of a couple of other group pics that are questionable in that area :P<br />
<br />
Before anyone else says it: yes, I know. I'm a sad, sad person. You should try it sometime- being sad can be fuuuuuun :P<br />

Damn you palm29grl for making me come back to this group to see your I've seen that picture again...*drools pervertedly* no, not really :P But I had you going there for a minute :P haha!

I agree with you. When you find the person you click with, mentally, intellectually, emotionally and physically I can't see how it wouldn't be fan-effing-tastic. I just sit and wonder at it sometimes...*sigh* one day it will happen, I hope.