I Don't Think. I Know.

I think it is very important for a man and wife to have a sexy health life. My wife and I both agree that it is very important that the wife accepts her husbands ***. She swears that she feels a lot better when partakes of my ***. When she goes without it even half a day, she starts to get anxious and irritable. As long as I either *** in her mouth or ******** her, she is happy. On some occasions, I give her a double dose within a short period of time and she gets giddy. My *** is a like a natural antidepressant for her, without it she is miserable. If you think about it though, it all makes sense. We are all animals when it comes down to it and we are wired to share this bond between man and woman.
MasterMix MasterMix
36-40, M
May 18, 2012