Sex isn't everything in a romantic relationship but without it, there is a deeper layer of intimacy that isn't achieved. Without sexual connection, the romantic feelings fade to friendship feelings, which is okay if friendship is an acceptable goal to the couple. If friendship isn't the goal, sexual intimacy, IMHO, is a must.
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6 Responses Aug 19, 2014

yes sex is important ..need of our body of our mind

I think sex is a need that all of us have whether we are in a relationship or not. Sometimes we just need the physical pleasure and other times we need to have the emotional bonding that comes with good sex.

Sex with the right perso is just awsum!!!!!!

when two souls love each other... how on earth could they not have a wonderful sexual intimacy between them. But as ffejmopp said.... My man is my best friend and I love loving on him... plain and simple.

Sex without friendship isn't awful, but sex with your intimate best friend is heaven,,,

I agree with you %100 , and both Man & Woman should have nice Smell , Specially Woman should have sizzling Make Up & Red Hot Lipstick