Shave And Pluck My Brows!

I first began shaving my eyebrows when  I was about 15 and 16. I thought it gave my face a cleaner well groomed apperience. I finally worked up ther nerve to pluck them, since my mom said it was painful, but it did not hurt that much. I continue to shave and pluck my brows to this day. I have noticed over the years, my brows, especially the outer section is basically gone or grows in very sparse. I have herd that contunious plucking or even shaving can damage the hair root, I guess this is true,since I dont have to shave as often, I mostly pluck my brows. After I apply my sunblock,foundation makeup and powder, I draw my brows on using a fine tip black eyebrow pencile . I like mine thin and high arched. For plucking my brows, I use a very fine tip tweezers.A tiny amount of baby powder on the brows helps the tweezers get a grip so the hair comes out without too much pain. At least this is what workes for me.I have been doing this for about 26 years.
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Reducing or completely removing the eyebrows by plucking or shaving them definitely creates a cleaner, well-groomed look.<br />
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A very nice contrast to thick, bushy black caterpillars that look like you have antennae bristling out of your brow! :(

Plain equals unattractive in my opinion. I've always marveled at the women that think they look their best natural with little or no makeup. I agree with you sneakyfox. I've always felt I looked my best madeup. But it has to be perfectly applied. Sloppy makeup just doens't get it!

Actually my mom did blow her top when I shaved my brows and used cosmetics, she wanted me plain and unattractive, but I did it anyway! I've always thought I looked my best with well applied eye makeup.

Strange, sounds like a jealousy issue with your mother. Has she ever shaved off her eyebrows?

Wow...oh ok. Good for you.

You were quite the rebellous young woman. My mom would have died!!!! She likes my drawn on brows now but at 24 when I first shaved them she gave me hell about it.

I experiment occasionally with thicker brows, but I'm like you. I prefer my brows thin and I love a high arch. I still can't get over the fact you started shaving your brows at 15, and for 26 years now. That is quite a success story. I'll have to try your tip about tweezing. I shave mine every morning now but I'll give them a break and try and pluck them for a while. Anything to have them completely disappear.

Here's to your success in making your eyebrows completely disappear!