I think she is an amazing mother, with more strength than she even knows she has. She is a very beautiful woman, who has a heart of gold, and Love that last a lifetime. She is caring, and Loving. She is trustworthly, and honest. She is someone you can lean on,a nd cry to. She can make you laugh, and make you cry. She is absoulutly amazing, and I Love her more than anything. You are amazing my friend.

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Thanks Lost! I missed this! *hugs*

She is quite the wonderful person alright. Makes me smile whenever I hear from her.<br />
She is also a great friend to many on here. <br />
We all love ya CJ.

voodoo doll?!?!? LMAO!!<br />
<br />
*hugs entire thread*

i agree aly,shes one of the best..hugs to u and cj*

I did what!!!!???

CJ, your humility gets the best of you, don't be surprised because you are admired by many.

OMG ALY!!!! You made me cry!!! *hugs my sweet friend* Thank you so much!!! HOLY COW!!! WOW!!! Still...tears.....I NEVER expected anything like this!! I was just thinking about our circle and all the amazing women we have there, and thought of making a group! LOL Thank you so very much my sweet friend!! *hugs*

Yes, I am happy she his still around.