You were one of the first people on here that seeked me out and started to talk to me when I was ready to become social.  You and I shared each other's stories, and we were there to listen to each other.  For that, I will always appreciate you.

I think you are an incredible woman who deserves the best out of life.  I hope you are able to find true love again, and that you will find your happiness within yourself.  


And besides, YOU EVEN GOT ME TO try to write some erotica! *giggles*  Which, I think it's due for another attempt at it! :) 


Just know, I adore you girl, big time and so honored to have you in my circle! 

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1 Response Feb 17, 2010

Dang De!!! I wanna read!!<br />
<br />
NS is one super cool chick!! I just loves her!!