Starlite Star Bright =-)


What can I say about my darling Star ... Her charming wit and bubbly personality, light up every EP room she goes into .

Her comments are warm hearted and sweet ...but her intelligence and deepness of thought cannot be denied

When I needed  a shoulder she was there no questions asked ... when I wanted to joke with her she was game

She is the sweetest and most genuine friends I have ever made ...and if I am even 1/10 the friend to her she has been to me , I will consider it wonderful ...

This is for you Star , you deserve this tribute and way more ...words cannot never express how much your friendship means to me , and if ever the times  comes that I would have to leave this place ... I will absolutely never forget my friend who shined on me like the most brightest of Stars

softkitti softkitti
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15 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Ahh A good drink... thank you...

*giggles* ahh red ..having friends like you and Star..and MM and all the others ... having you be so sweet to me and letting me help you and giving you a shoulder and letting me make you smile ... that is my tribute darling ... thank you for commenting darling *hugs red tightly and hands her a hard lemonade * ....lets toast .. to friends .. salute'

Another stirring tribute from the Imitable Softkitti.... and who will give kitti a tribute?


*Bows to both the wonderful sisters of EP *

yayayay * dances in gives dem a diamond tiara and hands cj a kaluha in a 24kt gold cup *

SR shines brightly here in EP. She is wonderful in everyway!!!

Ah it's perfect! And she's sitting on a sparkly bubble! *hugs Kitti again and dances in circles*

ahhh *giggles * I have been looking for a pic since this afternoon ...when I saw her ... and she is floating with her long dark hair ... it had to be star I said .... I am so happy you liked it .. de verdad *hugs Star* ... *dances around and gives everyone spanks*

Haha, no proof that I said it twice C.

Awwwwwwwww! Omg Kitti you don't give yourself nearly enough credit mija! You are an amazing friend----and way too modest! I'm really touched. I don't think I'll ever be able to express how much this means to me. Thank you so much *squeezes tightly*<br />
<br />
and where do you find these awesome pictures??? =)

She is so nice she said it twice ;-P .....

Mia means that, she said it twice! This is really sweet :)

ohh Mia she is the best ...I love her really !!=-)

This is so very sweet, I don't know her well, she is in my circle, and I can't wait to get to know her better.