I can't help myself. I have to confess to ALL of EP what an amazing person you are!

I know we rarely talk but having just read all your latest confessions ... OMG they brought tears to my eyes! You're simply an amazing woman with the biggest heart. You're a true friend helping out your roomate like this. You're an inspiration and a role model. What you are doing is worthy of praise, and that's what I'm doing :)

I hope she realises the luck she has in having you in her corner while she deals with her problem. You're a valuable help sweetie. In the name of ... well everyone suffering, I thank you! There really still are people that care :D


Thank you for being you!

Cici88 Cici88
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hae rocks! Always honest and supportive, fun and just totally awesome.

You see, you two are part of the reason EP is still a good place to come too :D *Hugs* It's soooo good to find such amazing people, even if they are an ocean away :D You guys brighten my day and let me have faith in the world :P <br />
*huge hugs and sparkles*

Thank you chica, and thank you Cici too.

O M G..... Thank you so so SO much Cici.... You made me downright cry!!!!!! <br />
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Thank you thank you thank you!!!! You have no idea what your words mean to me. I do honestly care so thats what I'm in it for. If you ever I mean EVER need anything at all don't you hesitate a moment! I'll be there in a flash! I think we MUST change this not talking much thing because you are such a beautiful person inside and out and I am thankful to have you for a friend.<br />
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Thank you so so so much Mia!!! :D I truly appreciate your kind words as well!! I can't believe how much I have touched people by just being me, I truly am amazed. I'm glad I have you guys here on EP. <br />
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You really should know what wonderful additions you are to EP! Truly believe it!!!<br />
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I have said this time and time again, she is so strong, smart and resilient. I enjoy her posts because they are well thought out, and express the true feel.