Beautiful young angel damaged with time

How do you live?

Beautiful soul of a childlike heart

How do you love?

Open your eyes and see the world 

Not so evil, not so bad.......

Open your arms

Spread your wings

Let your beauty shine

theredlady theredlady
41-45, F
17 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Yes it is still true babe now and always... that's why I wrote it, for you to remember......

I love you too ladygirl. =)

Hahaha!... yeah.. don't you know I love all my friends.. even if we don't get to talk very often?

Hey Ms R!... I am just as lucky to have friends like ya'll! My lifesavers... my friends.. my loves.

Yes! she is a wonderful young woman!

WOW...this was amazing! I love her too!! My little EP sis! She is so amazing...and stronger than she thinks!

No....I am only me and I am showing my love and appreciation to my wonderful friends when they need me most... It's the least I can do. But thanks for the thought =)

absolutely TOUCHING. congrats on making this popular....people on EP that are eloquent, have spot on timing, and magnificent prose should have a special category of their own....dont' you think?

HA! Don't be silly Girl! I don't Lie!

Thank you De... so is she.

If it makes my friends happy then Thank you! Hallo LV! Miss you!

Aw! so beautiful, you are gifted

Never be sorry ........cry to your hearts content, but never be sorry.

I think she's wonderful and beautiful. I'm always glad to see her

:) Alyangel is adorable and I always look forward to her posts

I hope so...she's been so sad lately... I didn't know what else to do....

Ah, there are no words save these: Aly, you know she speaks the truth :)