All Women Really

They are role models and mentors for me.

Sometimes it is hard letting them know this without possibly them or someone else thinking somethig is wrong. With me.

I can remember one occassion when I went to an office to help an up-scale client. While there I ment one of the accountants, she was a young woman, in her thirtys I'd say. She was slim had long very sexy legs. She was wearing a knee-length dress, in a purple almost velvetly flowery fabric and had rounded neckline w/scallop ornament. A lovely single strand pearl necklace and matching bracelet. To complete her outfit she wore mid-thigh sheer black hose and a pair of black patent pumps that had 4.5" heels. I found her attire to be quite attractive, feminine and very professional. As I worked with her at her desk I admired her attire plus the overall way it complimented her figure. 

She seemed to be quite comfortable wearing heels so high, and they truely fit her feet well. I saw her do a sidquick little side-step shifting her weight onto a foot that was at an angle and I thought that surely would have caused many women to falter. However, she did it so gracefully that I thought she was ice skating or dancing, making that effortless shift between feet. I was quite impressed. I would've complimented her on her dress and shoes if so many people had not been there, especially the co-worker I came to this client with. He definetly would not have understood the context of the comment.

I try never miss the opportunity to tell a woman how nice she looks, how much I admire her shoes or her hair style or her clothes, or her makeup. Thinking also how nice they might look on me and even where I might wear them. Most women take it with a thank you and a smile. However depending on who is around and especially if I know them, I must be careful so they don't take it out of context or totally wrong. These days you have to be careful as you can make friendly and appreciative comments but some might think they appear "sexual" and potentially "harrassing". 

I envy women for having the freedom to wear what they want to expresses their inner selves. When I see them looking good, I like to let them know that. With out a doubt I am more aware of how woman present themself and note items I find attractive.

Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
Aug 6, 2010