I Am a Nudest

I have plenty of naked pictures of myself and my ex's. I will never, ever ... in my life, show them to anyone if ...

1) that partner is not present and

2) did not give consent.

3) if it was to someone that could not appreciate and respect that lifestyle.

And if I ever found that one of my ex's had shown, that would be the end of that person, and any thoughts of them ever going naked or being accepted back into the circle again. I am quite sever in that way.

kinkitty kinkitty
36-40, F
5 Responses Jul 9, 2008

I wholeheartedly agree with you. If the partner has no knowledge or desire to be seen, then that's straight out deceit and should be dealt with accordingly. I appreciate nudity completely, but to deceitfully display a person's picture is disgraceful and the height of disrespect.

respect ... the keyword in life.

Couldn't agree more,..and yes 'doing' the photos is fun,.being nude is cool,...like everything,...not whatya do ,but howya do it....with respect of course!!onya kinkitty!

I gather that there is another EP issue regarding this, and I wanted to make sure every one knows where I stand regarding this.

Good for you kk!!! There are a couple in my album here...but she knows about them and is fine with it. I think its okay for people to see such photos, butonly under the conditions you specify.