Wet Shyness

When I have swam in formal clothes in public water parks and beaches, girl lifeguards have enjoyed watching me do it so much that when they complimented me on it and smiled, and I blushed as I smiled back, then they sometimes smiled all the more intensely back at me.  I think they found my shyness [when I got wet] very endearing!  ;)

It's the embarrassment and shyness I experience when I get wet in formal dress in public that makes wetlook such a sexy turn-on for me!  :)      Getting wet in dress clothes embarasses me and makes me feel shy - and that tickles me all over inside - I LOVE it !!

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1 Response Jun 12, 2010

In public is the best. And waterpark are the best place for that.<br />
I like also very large hotel or public swimming pools even if it's more difficult. (I usually ask for permission to the lifeguard which is usually ok depending on the country).