In Some Ways

...But not them all. Shyness is cute in moderation. I think it is far more effective when someone who gets shy over a subject or scenario when they normally aren't shy. Personally, I rather when the person is very out going when you first meet. I'm the kind of person who is shy at first but bumbley over time so I rely on those out going folks to yammer away at me until I'm comfortable returning the favor. I guess I'm too shy, nervious, awkward, scared to death about making the first contact with a stranger. If they start chatting to me first I am more than thrilled to continue chatting but hardly ever can I find myself in the other position. I'm just terrible at starting conversation with people I know nothing about. Given, I can do it on a business front. If work calls for me to go around shaking hands and making small talk with folks I will step right up to the podium but when it comes to personal development I epically fail. 

I'm use to first contact shyness. Seeing that in others is nothing different than looking in the mirror at myself. What really gets me is when those strong characters, those who are so unconsciously comfortable with themselves, suddenly show a sliver of shyness.

It might be because finally, when they blush or get fumbling on their words, you get to see a deeper side of the person. Something soft and sensitive- real. You get to see their insecurities over the subject. I'm by no means saying that I enjoy watching others insecurities and squirming over issues, we all have them, but it's nice to catch a glimpse of a side of others that they generally try to hide... That is until under the microscope.

On a less specific note- whenever something is said that causes anyone to blush wildly is just like winning gold. Blushing might be awkward for the one doing the rosy but generally the person watching gets some sort of happiness feeling trickling through them- at least from my observations. 

Hell I'm sure there are those blushes that makes the entire room feel awkward but hey. I'm choosing to ignore those at the moment. 
Linxer Linxer
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4 Responses Jun 15, 2010

Ahaha The 'meeting disease' I'm right there with you Sjach. <br />
Gail- I know I have nothing to fear but fear itself. I'm working on overcoming this.

Linxer you need to get out of there. You have nothing to fear your free thinking, positive, kick a** attitude will see you through. You just got to let go and let it.

True, very true. Fear, anxiety- call it what you want. I'm there.

Another word for shyness is fear.