I Like A Little Shyness Too

Shyness can be adorable. It also can mean a person is closed and fearful of showing you who they really are. When shy people do open up, share with you, and show you their vulnerabilities, you know they have truly given you a gift. There is nothing necessarily wrong with being shy. At times though, it can be an indicator of other problems.

I have often said, if you are too shy, you don't get what you want.

I am shy, but only a little bit.

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2 Responses Oct 15, 2010

I agree. There's a place for everything, in moderation.<br />
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And when someone who doesn't usually open up to anyone opens up to you, it's truly a special gift, like you said. :)

Shyness has always been attractive to me but because I was shy I never got to meet those people, so i decided I has to be a bit more gregarious. To this day I feel foolish if I notice a women and she catches me looking.