How Do I Stop A Family Resentment Cycle?

Im the youngest of 4 sisters, all over 57 years of age.  Negativity and resentment was nurtured in our home, our mother telling us she wished she never had us.  She came from scotland with her own resentment, married our father, hated his family, taught us that his family was 'bad' because she had problems.  We didnt know our fathers family because of this, (all 63 aunts, uncles and cousins).  I searched and have dealings with them, much to the hatred of two older sisters whom went with our mums words, "dont have anything to do with your fathers family as they are all bad".  They are really lovely people.  My parents split when I was 6, my mother died when I was 12.  My sisters had to look after me until I entered the workforce at age 16, with great resentment - resentment that keeps them offloading their problems to this day onto me to a point it is disgusting.  I have become angry with them, as I dont understand the need for their resentment as I was "an easy child to have", as one of those sisters put it.  Two of us have dealings with our Dads family and the other two dont and we are condemned continually for this.  Our mother was not loving, quite the contrary.  My older sister is the same, and I believe this is because she was the closest to her for the longest time until she died.
I have made many attempts to have dealings with them, to be cut off by the most radical nastiness, and also a tresspass order issued.
All I ask is why and it tends to put them in a spin, they are now doing what our mother did saying I am bad to her family to cover over her problems to make me look bad.  She was a sreaming tantruming person as long as I remember offloading her unpleasantness always.  She had our mother giving her all the attention, and we were told to shut up.
I wish this would change.  They say they are scared of me, my other sister who is great, tried for a family mediated meeting so we could sort it out.  They declined.  When I ring, they keep me talking on the phone and tape record it for their entertainment.  I am not a person to be scared of, I am quiet, I think the scared comment is because of fear associated to my questioning them of their offloading resentment.
Comments when I was younger, from these sisters soon after our mother died, include - I dislike you and dont care what happens to you (bearing in mind I caused them no grief, this is like a knife through the chest.  Another comment is, I really resented you, I hated looking after you, I dont want you on my doorstep all the time, (which I didnt), but she tells my cousin I am most welcome in her home!  etc etc.
Ive tried to make sense of this only to come up with - resentment is ill mental health, destructive, sad, SELFISH.  They resentfully blaming others, totally unaware the cause is within them.
I want my family, they dont want me, I am outgoing, capable and strong because of all of this, and care about people.  More capable than they, and have healthy hobbies such as motorcycling, scuba diving, moutain biking, which they have never done.
The only resolve I see is to let them carry on believing they are right and not allowing this sickness to impede in my family.
Jimny Jimny
May 10, 2012