My cousins are stuck in a sibling rivalry that has lasted for as long as I know them . . . . . They have always been like brothers to me but they can never stop their bickering and I've tried to stop it but there is always something. . . . . . They make me think of and older, as well as guy, version of me and my little sister. . . . . I mean she gets in my nerves but we get along more everyday. . . . . . And I hope that one day me and her would actually be like friends. . . . . . But it hurts to see my cousins bicker at each other, and even saying very unnecessary things about each other . . . . . I don't always wanna post about sad things or things that **** me off but that's what has been happening and I need some advice (says the usual advice giver) . . . . . But if u have anything to say about this please tell me
aroura666 aroura666
18-21, F
Aug 23, 2014