Silver Alert And In My Heart I Know..with The Help Of The Good Lord Above

I wasn't sure if I was going to write this experience but I decided to go ahead with it.
I wrote a story the other day about a very special lady who has become a special part of my eighty-six year old neighbor lady.This is an experience about her that I shall never forget.

As I went out last evening to smoke..I realized that her car wasn't in her driveway.Although this is's not altogether abnormal.I assumed  that she was with her son and his wife at their house as she goes there about everyday.Even though she goes in the daytime..on occasion she has stayed the night.

Later in the evening when I went out again..I noticed her son's truck was there although her car wasn't but I still didn't think anything of it.  

Around noon oldest son answered the doorbell and called to me that my neighbor lady's son was at the door and at once I knew that something was wrong!We talked a bit and he proceeded to tell me that she was missing and had been since yesterday.I felt my heart sink because I know that she had left the house yesterday at noon and to my knowledge..had never returned.  

There are many details that I'll leave out to keep this as short as possible but she'd made a call to him from her cellphone at 8:00 pm last evening.She'd gotten stuck in a ditch and a tow truck driver was helping her out.That was the last that she was heard from and the last that she could be reached.  

He also told me that he'd filed a missing person report but there was no news as of yet.

  After he left..I had called my husband at work as I knew that there were many people that he could contact to see if he could find something more out or if more could be done.He found out that two silver alerts had been put out for her. Now I knew that they had an alert that they could put out for the elderly but wasn't sure what it was called.  

We were all beside ourselves with fear and my husband decided to take off early so we could go out and start looking for her and that's what we did. We drove around looking up and down off the beaten path roads until we finally stopped at a store to get something to drink.

While he was in the store..I decided that I needed to say a prayer for her...for her safety and for her to be found.When he came back out I had told him that I had said a prayer.  

We proceeded to drive around some more until we felt like we was only looking for a needle in a haystack.With each passing hour we became more fearful and more discouraged.

  I finally asked him to give her son a call because maybe by this time..there would be some news or hopefully she had been found. After several rings..the phone was answered by the daughter-in-law.She was telling us that in that moment..her husband was on the phone with the Department Of Public Safety.and that our friend had just been found due to the silver alert.  

Apparantly they had also called an ambulance to take and have her checked out but she was safe and as feisty as ever.She was giving the EMS team a tough time over going to the hospital as she didn't feel the need to go.  

She had become confused and disoriented. and ended up many many miles from home.She is also diabetic and has had a heart condition.

That's about all I've heard for now as they haven't brought her home yet and I haven't wanted to intrude on their reunion.  

I do think Silver Alert is Wonderful and I do thank God because I know that he had a hand in her safety for over twenty four hours and her being found.

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Thank you ripplingwater! <br />
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I think this is an adventure that I could have done without although the ending turned out so well.<br />
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I can imagine that it is a strange sensation and it's sad that this happens to a person or at least to many people with age I think your right...people do look after each other and that's what it's all about!

As usual this latest adventure of yours has me on the verge of tears.. Elderly people, often do not even realize that they have these gaps in their awareness.....As I progress into my own old age, I notice that I suddenly will remember things that I didn't even know I'd's a strange sensation.....As I have said, many times, where I live is mostly elderly people.....when they start to wander and get lost---that's when the families usually step in and get in'home care or institutional care for them. One ignores the possibility that one day, I may become a lost one...It's amazing really, There has never been anyone to wander off without being found before any real mishap comes to them......people do look after one another----it's good to hear stories like yours.

i'm glad she was found and she was safe :)