My Second Story Ladies And I Guess Gentleman, My Accident

I had a legitimate accident today! Ive said before but I usually have to go urgently in the mornings and my home has only 1 bathroom with 4-6 people here usually at any given time.

So bathroom was taken and I decide to goto the local park bathroom instead.

Running there almost but trying not to poop my pants lol ( I was wearing my favorit tight pants with plain ol white cotton panties, pink t ) I was greeted by every stall being taken! Only two of them, it's a small park bathroom.

Well I knew I wasn't gonna sit there Nd hold it, so I went and found a nice cozy secluded spot by the bushes and pooped my panties.....alot! Really soft but a ton of it, my panties got so full a little ended up in my pants. When I cleaned up eventually there was a little piece of poop in the seat of my pants.

I eventually got to clean up and put the load in the toilet, whipped up once.....not enough ;) and walked home with skid marked panties and a little bit of poop in my pants area. Felt amazing ;)

The reason I'm telling this in this section, is it's now the afternoon, and I decided to put on one of my previous ly wet pull ups. I try to always have an old soaking wet pull ups around so I cam put it on and have instant good feeling of wearing a soaking diaper.

Sitting in it as I type this, a few moments ago I pushed a small amount of poop into it. Not as much as I would like but enough my bum feels poopy and it's making this soaked pull up feel even better!

Anyone else like wearing a day or two old diaper that was wet?

I decided I'm gonna plan a fun accident in a pull ups this weekend and wright a Continuation to my first story!

Wearing a wet pull up with a tiny bit of poop in it,
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Try some prune juice and laxatives and if you consume enough of both there's a chance you get explosive diarrhea!

I am going to try saving a day old wet diaper :D Good story Btw

Sounds of nice morning :)

Sounds fun ;)

Or sometimes, when My pull-up is full, I take it off, puts on a new one, and immediately put the old one over the new one.<br />
<br />
One time I used a complete package of 14 doing that :D

Have you ever tried putting on 5-6 old wet pull-ups AT THE SAME TIME?<br />
I like doing that very much!

They start out cold...... ;) sometimes I don't have to pee but wanna wear a wet diaper :)

in response to the question you asked in the story...i have not done it since i wet the bed at age 4/5...but i remember, i liked putting on a previously wet pullup as often as i could over just putting a new one on. i never understood why i liked it then, obviously i do now though!<br />
<br />
i'd venture to say one pullup may have been used...4-5 nights before it got thrown away? my parents didn't clean my room up so i had maybe 5 or 6 wet pullups lying on the ground normally. when i went to bed i'd just sneak one of those on before my parents noticed. since i never remembered which one i used the previous night, some of them could've been over a week old! still felt amazing every time :D

great story, look forward to more 8-)

Great story thanks for sharing

should i wet my pjs