Try Loving Your Body Without Hurting Others

I dislike the pressure women are put under to be thin just as much as the next person, but I also dislike how many of those women take their anger out on size zero women (or even all slim women). Blaming and insulting slim women is not going to help anything.

I am not a size zero, but I do fit in one in a number of stores. I am not anorexic and neither do I look that way. Not all size zero women are also 5'11" models. I am only 5'2" and most people wouldn't guess I was that slim because it looks in proportion with my miniature height! I know a lot of women shorter than I am who are a size zero and look like they are at a perfectly healthy weight for their height. Most have always been that way.

People don't realise this and go on bashing all size zero women to feel better about the weight that they cannot change. Saying size zero women: are anorexic or bulimic, have the waist of a nine-year-old, look like teenaged boys, look like concentration camp victims, are always dieting, are exercise freaks, have no curves, are not 'real' women... I have had larger women make plenty of sarcastic comments towards me and my body even though I have never in my entire life tried to make a plus-size woman feel bad about her weight and would never do so despite how some have treated me. Sometimes it seems like being slim is an open invitation to be butchered by plus-size women because I made myself be born this way just to make them unhappy about their bodies, right? *Rolls eyes*

So many plus-size women have assumed things about me based upon my weight and then subtly insulted me. I have had them look at what I'm buying in the store and say, 'Only salad and veggies, huh? Not surprised!' How would she like it if I said, 'Only burgers and pizzas, huh? Not surprised!' Or they will ask in restaurants, 'What are you eating? A salad?' She wouldn't appreciate it if I asked if she was having the biggest and fattiest thing on the menu... 'Why don't you try eating something?' is okay to ask, but you had better not ask someone, 'Why don't you just stop eating?' 'Why don't you take a break from the gym and quit dieting so much?' (when I do neither) is fine and dandy, but you shouldn't dare ask, 'Why don't you get up off your sofa and quit binge-eating so much?'

I have been to my favourite stores and seen people looking, whispering, pointing and then inevitably saying just a little louder than normal, 'This store is only for skinny *******,' continuing to stare in my direction awaiting a reaction. Has that ever happened to a plus-sized woman? That suddenly someone calls out that the store you love is only for 'fat *******'? Why am I automatically a '*****' if I'm skinny anyway? If I cannot find my size in a store, I actually sometimes feel afraid to ask for it. The last time I did that (quietly) everyone else glared daggers at me.

You people who insult healthy size zero women are no better than those who insult healthy plus size women. You're both judging and hating someone for a body type that they may well have no control over.

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2 Responses Mar 16, 2009

This is a fantastic post and I couldn't agree more, I'm far from a size 0, but I've had this same debate with people when I've heard them insult and ***** about "skinny" girls. It's such a double standard and just as mean and harmful to a slimmer girl's confidence and self esteem as it is to a bigger girl's.<br />
People need to be so much more aware of this.

Good points! I have never been a size 0 in my life but I think it is important to embrace all persons regardless of their weight. We should just be happy that they are healthy.