Smart Itself Is Very Sexy

I can think of many men and women who aren't exactly what we call "pretty" but I find them very sexy. For example, my ex boyfriend. He's not the most handsome guy you could meet and when I first saw him I didn't feel attracted to him at all. But he is so smart and has such a great sense of humor that soon he became irresistible to me.

Sex is way more interesting and fun and enjoyable with a smart partner.

Intelligence, wit and humor can get me very excited and sometimes is more important than physical beauty. Now if someone has the looks too.. WOW!
AnitaLove AnitaLove
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5 Responses Aug 4, 2010

i agree with your friend, lamp. someone who can engage me in conversation afterward and not turn on the cartoon network lol

Like a friend of mine once put rather crudely "I want somebody I can talk to afterward!".

Ideally you could get to know them Before you saw them? ?? ???<br />
hmmmm maybe on internet!!!!<br />
In reality most people are blinded by not only the outside of a person but also the outside's coverings etc.

I couldn't agree more, DJK..<br />
<br />
EternalHope -- LOL Yes. The "Duh" response gets old fast.

The 'Duh..' response gets old fast. An engaging mind is a real turn on.