Excite Me With Your Mind.

Any woman can turn a guy on with her body. I want a woman who can turn me on with her mind.

Talk to me about politics and religion, give me your opinions about international events. Explain the inner structure of the atom and the basic principles of the Big Bang Theory, discuss the history of the Roman Empire, quote Hemingway and tell me about your favorite Dali painting.

Knowledge and intelligence are sexy.
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I heard a girl at my job say " well I don't know; I am cute not smart!" I told her that when she grew up she would much rather be a beautifu,l intelligent, woman than a cute little girl that didn't know anything! I fell bad for girls that dumb themselves down because they think it is cute! <br />
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Education doesn't change life much. It just lifts trouble to a higher plane of regard. <br />
-Robert Frost

@1fourU: There is nothing sexy about name calling and there is nothing intelligent about somebody who doesn't analyze their beliefs and simply follows the crowd. That's the point, by discussing those topics you can quickly expose a person and figure out just how bright they really are.<br />
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@sCr3am: I posted a picture up on my profile and I think that it's large enough thankyouverymuch!

FTJ, ultimately I don't claim to understand it either -- it makes My head hurt. But being the masochist that I am, I can't stop thinking about it. ~grin~

I know which part of you I'd like to get closer to the speed of light then babe. But I believe that's biology and not cosmological physics. x

Mistress: I've been trying to wrap my head around Einstein and Hawking's picture of the universe. Both Einstein's space/time concept (time as the fourth dimension) and Hawking's work on black holes (along with gravitational effects and the closed/open universe argument) are so counter intuitive to EVERYTHING that we understand that I've only come to one independent conclusion...<br />
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I don't understand cosmological physics! <br />
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I can read the books, I can quote the theories and I can explain how the people who work in the field say that things work but I simply don't get it. <br />
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WHY do I have to get infinitely larger as I approach the speed of light? WHY????

Yeah, politics and religion can be controversial subjects but the controversial subjects are the ones that tell you what a person is really all about. Those are the subject that will tell you if the other person has ever really thought about their views or has simply fallen in with whatever their parents/teachers/preachers or society has told them to believe. <br />
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A person who's thought their views through and critically analyzed their beliefs can defend their views, a person who simply follows the crowd cannot (or at least, their arguments quickly fall apart and devolve to name calling).

I've spent a great deal of time lately reading about black holes, specifically the connection between the singularity at the center of every black hole (which contains the mass of every ob<x>ject that's been captured but has no volume) and the singularity at the heart of the Big Bang. Is our universe the product of the death of a black hole in different universe?<br />
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I'm also fascinated by the resolution of Hawking's black hole information paradox. But My efforts to grasp the concept that there is a 2D holographic imprint left at the edge of the universe by every ob<x>ject lost in a black hole deserves a post of its own.

Wow sCr3am! A woman that FINALLY admits it! lol

Lol,sCr3am! That was great!<br />
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No,I totally know what your saying James! I agree! Intelligence and wit are Hot!

Talking about Aristotle makes you even hotter than you were before ;-)

Aristotle worked on many subjects, such as physics, botany, politics, ethics, art and astronomy. Very knowledgeable and highly intelligent, but I don't think he's sexy. He's the kind of guy you sit down and have interesting conversations with before you go round to **** the sexy neighbour across the road. But whatever turns you on babe.<br />
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I look forward to our next 'chat' ;)