Hell Yes.

Talk nerdy to me. I wanna hear all your theories. All the complicated thoughts you have strung together up in the messed up little mind of yours. I want to read your spelling and grammar and not cringe while doing so. I want to admire your wit and struggle to compete with your pace of thought. I love the way you gaze into a book with such thought. I love seeing you think. Is there anything more hot than a guy who knows what he's talking about? Ahhh...
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i am really smart and i want a guy who is intelligent who can even challenge me

Between what you said in this post and the profile pic you're using, I think you currently embody the fantasy of every lonely geek on earth at the moment. Believe me smart guys will adore you

My new sweetie's job is building and fixing complicated machines and motors that make other machines work efficiently... I am constantly impressed and completely turned on by how much more he knows than me.... I could listen to him explain the whole process of whatever he's making at work and be lusty for hours!

that was... intense.good for you, i've always thought that girls like them stupid, it's good to find an exception. a good conversation is one of the few things about life i still enjoy

Sounds like an Aquarius

I doubt many men could keep up with a girl who wants a smart man. Best of luck, miss.

That is so sad. You have very little faith in your gender. But honestly, any woman with intelligence wants a smart man. No one likes hanging out with a guy who can't keep up. Even better if he can challenge me.

I feel that way about women. They should be able to beat me in atleast a battle of the minds. I don't have faith in the human race, but I admit, I have less in the men of the world. Good day miss, and again best of luck.

I personally think any subject can be brought to life with an intelligent, fertile mind.

Ah, yes... lol

the only thing i can think of is a woman who knows what she is talking about and doesnt try to hide it

So, like, dude, as I was sayin. I think this stuffs good.

"I love seeing you think." I love to hear that