Sex feels good.


Not all sex is created equal.

There's the one night stand. Making love. Down and dirty. The quicky. The night of passion you never wish to end.

All different, yet all fabulous in their own way.

Sometimes, sex is just sex. There's an attraction, you're horny, you go for it.

Sometimes, you make love with so much emotion, so much love, there is just no higher joy in the world.

Why do so many marriages have to end because of an affair? Why do so many marriages have to end because of a lack of sex?

Ultimately, it doesn't have anything to do with the actual sex, or lack there of. It has to do with a complete and utter lack of communication. HONEST communication.

Rarely do people TRULY say what they mean. They sugarcoat, paraphrase, skate around it in every way, rather than take the risk of putting their emotions out there. Saying what they really want, and desire. Afraid of offending their spouse, hurting their feelings. Afraid of being hurt themselves.

It's sad.

And so avoidable.

Talk to each other. Share a fantasy. It's not easy, but the benefits can truly be amazing. And may surprise you.
titsme titsme
22-25, F
May 21, 2012