Every Woman Should Read This

I have posted that I love to look at women. But the truth of the matter is an average woman can be sexier if they are blessed with intellect. I adore women that can challenge me with a stimulating conversation or a valid argument. The ability to converse with clear, concise and well formed thoughts can capture a man mind, body and soul. If the eyes are the window to the soul, then intelligence is the ability to reveal that soul to people who are blind to what is in your eyes.

I want to empower every woman that reads this to believe you are intelligent and relevant. Your opinion matters and you are entitled to have that opinion. If you chose to be a mother or a business woman, it makes no difference. Knowledge is power and that is sexy as hell !!

kunar12 kunar12
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3 Responses Jul 30, 2012

Clever.. witty... sexy.... irresistable combination in anyone!

I tend to shy away from arguments.I don't always have it in me to keep up the conversation.

To know your own boundries and or limits is a good thing too.

Thanks for the comment!

Nicely put, and I agree with Pantoufles...intelligence and the ability to communicate effectively is a very desirable quality in a man as well.