I honestly think that a sharp mind is and great sense of humor are some of the sexiest things a man can have. Height, a sculpted body, and sexy eyes are all well and good...but if there aren't any brains to back beauty up, its over. I'm not going to lie and say that physical attractiveness has absolutely nothing to do about the way you look at someone (friend or dating material). But, for me at least, a man with brains will become more attractive to me whereas one without will usually just earn my condescension. I think we all know that it takes more than a pretty package to make someone interesting and fun to be around....intelligence is one of those things.

Besides, if a man is smart, I won't have to worry about intimidating him with my intelligence....JK. LOL :D

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Intelligence, good hygiene, a sense of humor, how about some integrity and honor? Those are the things which are important to me.

Beauty fades with age sorry folks but its a fact. The rest at least can remain intact and perhaps even grow. It's funny how some of the hottest people (both genders) have turned really ugly in my eyes as soon as they opened their mouth, while some of the most average looking people became beautiful to me very quickly.

well thanks for giving me just a little hope. I never could reach that whole "tall, dark, and handsome" bar since I'm a little short (no pun intended) but I always had brains. maybe I won't be alone forever after all. the question is can we get the council of women to change that criteria to "smart, dark, and handsome"? :-)

(Vin looks around) Did you drop change or something? ;)

"How about height, a sculpted body, sexy eyes, and a sharp mind?" Well, *gee* I don't know.... ;D<br><br />
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RT- Well, he'd have more of a chance than a good-looking jerk. And, I think I clarified that we all are attracted to different things. I'm just saying that looks aren't everything.

So would you be attracted to a short, fat, and hairy guy if he had brains?

Triple V, I agree...there's nothing sexier than intelligence and a witty sense of humor....well...maybe except for CC seeing that he does have it all.