Hey Ladies... Could You Make Any Recommendations Here?

This, I'll grant you is an odd request. I work at my desk all day, and while trading in the markets can be VERY exciting at times, it can also be quite dull. So I post craigslist ads for women just to see if I find anyone interesting. Mostly I get stupid ads, but occasionally I find someone fun.

Could you let me know what you think of this ad, if it would compel you to write back, and what you'd change?


Title: Looking for gorgeous, classy woman who also likes to be a ****

Hello - I'm looking for a woman who is confident in herself. This includes in her body, her sexuality, her femininity, her spirituality, her ability to interact in a variety of contexts.
Physically, you keep yourself in great shape. That means that you work out at least semi regularly and don't eat fast food 8 times a week.

You're a flirt, love great conversation. You have strong opinions about a wide variety of topics; you're not a blow hard, but you have no problem letting your thoughts be known.

You are highly feminine. That goes for the way you look, the way you dress, the way you flirt. You love attention, and get plenty of it.

You enjoy a wide variety of activities. Examples could be concerts, movies, dining/cooking, wine/beer tasting, travel, charity events, camping/outdoors. You smile and laugh often; you're a child at heart.

You're currently looking for NSA - maybe it leads to something more. You CAN have kids; you may or may not be attached.

You think about sex a lot, and have a strong appetite. You're open minded. Maybe you have a fetish or two. Regardless of your political/religious affiliations, you're sexually liberal.

As for me, I'm 5'10, 180lbs with low body fat. Brown hair/eyes. Half Italian, half German. Full smile with straight teeth. Tan most of the year.

I work for myself in the financial markets. I'm well educated, with an impressive resume. I live in a beautiful home with gorgeous views here in the Valley. I love most all the activities listed above.

I work very hard, but I am not a workaholic. 40-50 intense hours/week is the norm, with some exceptions both higher and lower. When I'm done, I need to relax and blow off steam.

Final note: if I were interested in a call girl, I'd get one. Please don't message me if all you're interested in is getting paid for sex, or the basic equivalent.

If you're interested in getting to know me better, then please do three things:
1) Address your message as "I'm game", as I'd like to know that you actually read the message and are not simply spamming me.
2) TELL me about yourself. Describe who you are, relationship status, a little about yourself, what it is you're looking for
3) Send pics. Ideally 3-4. While the nude body shots are great, I would like at least one face pic. Your pics get mine.

Best wishes
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