I Am Sapiosexual

Yes. I think the biggest turn on for me is an interesting free thinking analytical mind. 

I love the thought of reducing a man whom is normally controlled in his professional and social life to a slave of his sexual urges. 

I feel a deeper connection with someone who has life experience of the academic/scientific/creative kind. I get turned on by knowledge able men of any kind. Especially if he has the thirst for it. This means he's smart enough to realise that you never stop learning and discovering in life and he has humility and isn't an opinionated know it all. 

I am also turned on by creativity. If you can sing, paint, sculpt, write or act or you have an interest in the arts I will be dying to get to know you carnally. 

When I look back on my life lived so far, the most memorable lovers  I've had have had many many brain cells to rub together. Now don't get me wrong. They haven't all been scientists, professors, singers or artists. Some have had menial jobs. And its never about money or power for me either. But what they all had in common was the ability to think and emote independently. To question and to engage. 

I don't really know why I am this way. I sometimes toy with the idea that its a primal urge. Maybe i want the lover with the best genes. But I do know that I fall deeply in lust with a man with smarts. To me that's a real man. A woman's man. A man made to be pleasured. A man made to excite me. 
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Amen, sister. When the sex is over, I want to talk about life and love and important things! I want to grow old with my intelligent and wise DH! --DW

Seems you are "SapioErotic"!

so terrific - thank u for sharing

Run your fingers slowly, slowly down the side of my face. Blow a single slow, warm breath into my ear and say, in flowing lubricious tones, "sapiosexual, diencephalon, maximum tumescence. Bind my wrists and ankles to the Single Position Emitting Computed Tomography imaging bed. On the monitor, temporal lobe neurons will fire rapidly and floridly in red and yellow as the tip of your tongue .... ned, Psy.D //OO\

Oh you are cruel! Lol

Now tell me what your ideas on string theory are. ;)

I am touching myself and fantasizing about your elegant WAIS score. My body begins to shudder more uncontrollably with each ascending point. OOooooo... don't stop counting ...... oooooooooo

148 bebeh! Ooooh ooooh yeah! Lol.

I'm impressed and motivated to continue being myself by your well-articulated post. I feel like many people in my age group whom I converse with don't really have priorities that fall in-line with mine. As someone who also puts deep-thinking on somewhat of a pedestal this was quite refreshing; thanks!

It really pleases me that I have motivated you. And I will say this: to all the smart men out there. Remember. You are the prize :)

I second that! Good post. Thank you.

I feel that way about women. Brain, largest sex organ.

we need to meet.............higher chances to click :)

Theres not many of you flaoting around. you need to get off of ep and start your own social web site.

Oh believe me. There are plenty of sapiosexuals about. Enough to create a new word to describe them! Lol.

I love my man to have smarts .. but I also like him to be more confident operating a power tool than I am ... which means he needs some serious skills :)

Lol. True. But if he's really smart he'll work out how to use it, even if he takes a finger off...

LOL.. so very true ..

I know how to use a tool or two

Yes you are very good with your hands ;) lol.

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Ohhh hope I fall in to this !

Well you would if knew what you did!!! Lol.

Ah ha! X well cant a guy have some secrets?

Of course I know your a smart cookie and cute to boot. But you know. If you ever felt the need to ramp it up? Lol ;)

If you were smart you would be on our chat service im waiting lol x

Cheeky bugger! Lol.

Nope. Not really....;)

Im waiting for you on there

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