It's Contagious

I can't help but smile when i see people, even strangers, smile at me. Even a fake smile can lift up my mood. I smile when I feel down. May sound crazy, but really, try it. Hold on to that smile and not let go. Sharing a smile is even better. Once the other person smiled back, it's a triple treat. =)
mynameishyphenated mynameishyphenated
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3 Responses Aug 3, 2010

Muah thank you mynameishyphenated :0) i'm glad you did :)

@phatnahapi: i actually smiled and felt better while reading your comment. =)<br />
<br />
@1Star: that is sooo true!

This is quite a delightful thought mynameishyphenated! It is also said that you should smile while you are on the phone with people because it will be part of the tone of your voice as you speak with people. I do agree that smiling improves our mood, no matter what mood we might be in. It rewires our brain. It heightens our senses of being in contact with our fellowman. Such a simple gesture and easy thing to do. Project a small light of happiness out into the world and to receive it back! What a gift! I smile a lot while reading so many different posts on EP. I often laugh out loud at the great humor so many people display. Such clever and witty people we have here. I think it is a way into the heart of the most grumpy person. You will melt them eventually with your smile, as i agree, smiles are contagious :)