A Smile Lights Up A Face, A Room, A Day, Almost Anything.

I do not care whose smile it is, or what it looks like , it is the expression of the person when they smile.  Eyes tend to light up as a person smiles.  It shows the teeth, which are beautiful and unique.  When I see a smile, it makes me want to smile.  of course, some people smile when they are sad or mad, in which they are not happy; those smiles are contradicting.  There are many terms and variations of "smile".  

Grin, Smirk, Beam, Smile, Sneer... Maybe there are not as many as I thought... Anyway, a smile can be perceived in many ways.  They can be used to fool people, as mockery, to show that you are going to seek revenge, or to show pleasure.  If you can smile, then you can light up someone's day, or frown upon their day.   
18-21, F
Sep 27, 2010